All teams building COVID-19 forecasting models are welcome to join the COVID-19 Forecast Hub. To participate, teams must submit a pull request to the COVID-19 Forecast Hub GitHub repository with at least one forecast data file and a metadata file about their model.

Forecasts must follow the guidelines laid out in our technical README file on GitHub. Upon submission of a pull request, all new files are run through a series of validation and verification checks to ensure that all data are in the correct format. The results of these checks will be visible on GitHub and if errors occur, you can check failure messages by following these instructions.

If not otherwise specified, all submitted data will be released under a CC BY 4.0 license. Teams are encouraged to use this license to maximize the potential for reuse both for non-commercial (i.e. academic research) and commercial (i.e. vaccine development) uses. However, teams are also permitted to submit their forecasts under a separate specified license agreement.